Saturday, September 20, 2008

Things I Love about Chloe

  • At only 5 months old, she already gives the BEST hugs!
  • Her smile that lights up a room in a way that pictures will never be able to capture
  • Her beautiful eyes and dark curly lashes
  • The love she has for her big brother
  • The way she is always smiling when you get her up in the morning
  • Her persistence...while it can be tiring for her mommy now, I am sure it will serve her well later in life.
  • The way she hums/moans herself to sleep when she is really tired
  • She IS the SWEET to my tea!


Stacie said...

She is just so precious! She has grown so much since we were there in May! I can't believe Colby is so big, and I am so sorry for your living room !

Anonymous said...

So true! It all! She is a true sweetheart and a blessing to this world!

Thalita Dol said...

Your baby daughter is sooooo cute!!
I hope one day I'll have a baby as cute and adorable as your Chloe! =)