Tuesday, September 30, 2008

A Project Completed!

I have finally completed one of my many projects that I have been planning!

My dilemma has been what to do with my sewing supplies, sewing machine, computer, printer and everyday craft supplies. I had an area set up in the living room in the basement, but with a busy two year old son and a growing 5 month old daughter, I never had the time or desire to seclude myself down there to work on anything. I was always bringing up all of my supplies and cluttering up my dining room table. I decided something had to be done. So I got the brilliant idea to turn this unused cart into my little home office/sewing center in the empty corner in the dining room.

The second problem...it was ugly and just did not look appropriate in a dining room. So I decided to make a cover for it out of left over materials I had used when recovering the dining room chairs and making the dining room valance and table runner. I figured if it had a coordinating cover, it would hide everything and could be used as a little serving area when we had dinner guests. Here is the result along with some pictures of the other fabric decorations I had already made for the dining room:

Actually, I have already finished another project as well, but it is a gift so it probably won't be showing up here. Now on to the next one...Happy creating!


Thalita Dol said...

Olivia, I think it was a great idea!
You managed to hide the messy things and also got it all looking good together.

Great! :)

Unknown said...

That looks really nice, Olivia :)

NANA said...

My daughter-in-law is so creative and talented. Your idea to cover that cart is wonderful. It looks great!

Larissa Holland said...

love this! that turned out so cool.