Thursday, February 2, 2012

Macy Turns 2!!!

Today is my sweet baby girl's second birthday. It hard to believe that that is even possible. What a joy she is to our family! In her two years she has taught me so much as a mother and I am sure that she will continue to challenge me for years to come. :) She is spunky, loving, stubborn and amazingly smart.

For her big day, I took her to get her first haircut. It was long overdue. I loved being able to put her hair in pigtails, but when it was down it looked too stringy and messy.

So I picked a fun hair salon for kids and we headed out to Sharkey's. They have a first haircut package that was great and included a haircut while sitting in a pink Barbie Jeep with suckers and her own tv to watch.

She did great, no fussing. Even though she refused to smile for the camera, she really did have a great time. And I think her hair turned out super cute!

When her hair was done it was time for her mini mani! She even got to pick out her own polish sparkles!


After dinner, we invited our neighbor friends over for some cake and ice cream. We are lucky that our kids have such good friends right across the cul de sac.

Overall I think she had a pretty terrific second birthday. My heart practically bursts with love for that girl!

Happy Birthday, Macy Jean!