Monday, September 22, 2008


Hi. My name is Olivia and I am a procrastinator. This probably won't come as much of a surprise to some of you. It is sad but true. As proof, here is a pic of my stack of fabrics that are sadly waiting for me to get around to making wonderful things with them.

I have been really bad lately about buying fabrics for and planning all sorts of projects and then not doing them. Or at least not finishing them. I now have at least one project with a definite deadline, so that will get finished by the first weekend in October. I have another project that I would like to get done this week, but I'm not making any promises. *Sigh* Okay, in an effort to make myself feel better and jump start my creative mojo, here are a couple of pics of two of my favorite completed projects.

The first is of Molly Monkey. I made her for Chloe a couple of months ago using the awesome pattern from Larissa of mmmcrafts. The other picture is of the quilt I made for Colby. I started it when I was pregnant and finished it when he was almost one. Sad, I know.


Anonymous said...

I see a quilt, a tea cart cover, a "Mikey Monkey", and a nursing cover....

Now we need to add a "Lily Monkey" and a window treatment to the list. :) Feel better? :)

Love you dear!

Olivia Craig said...

You know me too well. That pile also includes throw pillows for my couches and possibly a dress for Chloe. Plus your projects and don't even get me started on the presents I want to make for Christmas.

Anonymous said...

You're doing great! I started curtains almost a year ago and all I've gotten done is cutting the fabric for one set! Being available to your beautiful children is so much more important than finishing projects. When you see your stacks of fabric, let them remind you of what a great mother you are!