Thursday, August 18, 2011


Today is Colby's first day of Kindergarten! I can not believe that he is now a school kid. Where have the last five years gone?!

 Seriously, though, I absolutely could not be more proud of this boy. It was hard to fight back the tears as I dropped him off, but was able to because of the heart-busting love and pride. He was so excited that I was barely able to give him a goodbye hug. He is so smart and kind and such a blessing!

It also helps that we LOVE his new school. There is an amazing sense of community and school pride at a level that I have never experienced. The staff is fabulous, but so are the other parents. We feel like Colby is in the perfect place for him right now. I just know in my heart that he is going to flourish!

The bear marking the Kindergarten hallway

The wall at the entrance to his classroom

Colby with his super sweet teachers

Go get 'em, my amazing boy!