Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Monkey Madness

May I introduce...Monty and Molly Monkey!

Many of you have already met Molly. I made her for Chloe quite a while ago. She has been quite lonely ever since. Just sitting on a shelf in Chloe's room. Poor thing. She really needed some companionship.

Ever since making Molly, I have been planning on making a brother monkey for Colby. Well, after starting and stopping and procrastinating some more, Monty Monkey has finally joined the family.

The pattern for these totally adorable monkeys comes from my friend, Larissa. She has an awesome artsy-crafty blog and she has generously added several free patterns and cards for downloading. Her stuff is so awesome!!! She has also recently opened an Etsy shop and is selling patterns for Katy Kitty, Molly's long lost sister. As a cherry on top of all of this cuteness, Larissa has added a double-breasted winter coat for Katy (which also fits Molly). There are no limits to her craftiness.

I am pretty pleased with the way Monty turned out. I had a little bit of a hard time making his shorts and shoes and hat. I have never sewed a stitch of clothing before and had no idea how to go about designing shorts or making a hat with a bill. I obviously made a ton of mistakes, but I learned a lot that I can use if I ever make monkey shorts again.

For now I am just happy to have a finished pair of monkeys for my little monkeys.


Anonymous said...

Oh, he is CUTE! It turned out great! I like what you did with the shoes. Saddle shoes just got too hard? He looks fantastic, Olivia!

Stacy said...

Great job - they are both adorable! I love them and I bet your kids do, too. :)