Monday, November 10, 2008

Giddy up pony...

This past weekend was another great family weekend. Curt's parents were able to come over for a visit, which is always enjoyable. Nana and Poppy arrived Friday evening, just in time for pizza. Their arrival is always exciting. However, our dog, Daisy, is always so excited about their dog, Molly, being at our house that things can get a little crazy. If you know Daisy, you know what I mean.

Colby got a fun surprise when the grandparents arrived...a pony! Okay, so not a real pony, but the closest thing that our house can accommodate. It was supposed to be his birthday present (back in June) but we could never seem to work out a way to get to our house. So Chestnut arrived Friday night. The stand had to be assembled, and Colby was more than willing to "help" Poppy put it together.

At some point he decided that he needed to wear a helmet while riding his new pony. Safety first...

He quickly realized that it was easier and more fun to ditch to the helmet.

Chloe wasn't so into the pony, but she did enjoy some snuggle time with Daddy.

Her special treat for the day was eating Daddy's ice cream. Don't let the look on her face fool you, she loved it!

Saturday was a much calmer day, spent relaxing at home with the family and playing with grandparents. (Well, that's what everyone else did. I was out in 30 degree, windy weather trying to find a winter coat for Chloe.)

Saturday evening Curt grilled pork chops for us, YUM! Then he built a fire in the family room in the basement. We shut off all the lights and rented "Kung Fu Panda." We love fireplace season! It was such a fun family movie night. You should have seen Colby twirling and kicking and running around the basement yelling "Hi Yah!" We were laughing so hard we were practically in tears.

Sunday morning was spent at church and eating roast for lunch. Again, Yum! Unfortunately it was then time for Nana and Poppy to go home. We were all disappointed, but thankful that they were able to come.


Anonymous said...

Sounds like such a wonderful weekend!! For some reason, I now have tears in my eyes after reading this. It is just so wonderful to be able to spend nice quiet time with family!!

NANA said...

We too had a wonderful time with all of you this weekend. It is so very special to us to be so welcomed into your home. Colby and Chloe change so much between visits. You are such a wonderful mommy and hostess (not to forget what a wonderful cook you are).Curt's pork chops on the grill were yummy too. Now I can't wait for Thanksgiving.
Hugs and Kisses to All!!!

Anonymous said...

We bought KFP and had a family movie night on Saturday too. My family thought I was cool... they couldn't see the laziness of it - but instead of having "dinner". I laid out every sort of snack and treat in the house on the coffee table while we watched the movie in our jammies. The kids thought it was fun! Conner is "relaxing"and watching it now in lieu of a nap before playtime with Gabriel.

I am so glad you had fun with John & Theresa. They are such neat people!