Thursday, November 6, 2008

Autumn Art

Today I decided it was time for Colby and I to do another "project." He had so much fun last time with the leaf project that I really wanted to do something else with him. A while back I came across this "How to Paint Fall Trees" project from That Artist Woman. I thought it looked like a perfect idea for Colby and I to do together.

As most of you know, I started college as an art major. Even though that was more years ago than I care to think about, I still had some paints, including water colors, hanging around my art supply tackle box. So we busted out the paints, brushes and straws and got to work. Colby LOVED painting with the big brush!

Hey, Mommy! Look at this!

Ladies, eat your hearts out! Just look at those long, dark eyelashes (not to mention those gorgeous baby blues) and that adorable little paint-splattered nose. Heartbreaker...

After painting the entire background of the picture with various fall colors, it was time to "paint" the tree. This was done by dipping a straw into watered down black paint and blowing the paint onto the paper. Super fun!

Unfortunately, I didn't go back to re-read the directions before we started, so it didn't really work out all that great. I was impatient and didn't let the background paint dry completely before trying to paint the trees. After helping Colby do his, I tried my hand (mouth) at straw painting. It was definitely harder than I had thought it would be. And I have to say that Colby did a better job painting his background. Mine turned out way too pastel. I guess the whole project would have turned out better if I had had the appropriate paper (something other than cardstock) and had followed the directions. Oh well, it was still a good time and we have something new to hang on the wall.

Next up will be some sort of Thanksgiving project. Hopefully it will be a little more successful!


Anonymous said...

That's turned out really neat! Good job Colby! (and Olivia)

Larissa Holland said...

oooh, those are so pretty! we had tried the same activity the other day and I guess we were using the wrong paints, they just would not blow very well. yours turned out great! what a cute little artist.
and happy 30th! i've just had fun scanning through all the entries I've missed. you are so beautiful, you make me ill! :-)

Anonymous said...

You are such a fun momma! What a neat idea!

Anonymous said...

Hey Olivia! Your hubby sent this link to Jason - so cute! You are so creative. Hope you guys are all doing well. Your daughter is adorable :) You take such good pictures - I want to hire you for after the baby is born!
Lisa Kaiser

Stacy said...

How fun! Colby did a wonderful job on his Fall project. :)