Wednesday, October 22, 2008

I did not conquer

Alas, I actually did not conquer over my evil non-working wireless problem. I am posting this from Curt's work computer so that you all will know that I am still alive. I am currently chatting with an HP rep who is supposed to be able to tell me how to fix this. I am a little skeptical considering we have been chatting for almost an hour and he is just now emailing a list of troubleshooting tips.


Hopefully I will be back tomorrow with some sort of awesomeness to post about. :)

UPDATE: Well, there is apparently an actual physical problem with the wireless card or something. Whatever it is, my computer needs to be taken apart, fixed and put back together. I figures that this would happen the week my warranty expired.

We are leaving tomorrow for Indiana to visit my family for my birthday. I am excited to see them and to go on a date with my husband tomorrow night. If Curt remembers to bring his computer home for me Monday night (or if I get to it Sunday night) I will hopefully be able to post about our trip. Until then, wish me luck getting through Saturday! As the big birthday gets closer, I am actually starting to feel better about it. After all 30 is just one day from 29. What does it really matter? Have a great weekend!


Thalita Dol said...

I hope you can fix it soon!

Kisses from Brazil!

Anonymous said...

Oh no! Computer problems are so stressful. We are a pretty dependent society! :)

I will miss you on Saturday but so excited for you. You are going to have a great weekend! :)

Anonymous said...

Have a safe trip and HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!