Monday, October 20, 2008

Good weekend and busy week

I am happy to say I had another great weekend. That is totally a credit to my hunky husband! :) We are going to be visiting my parents this coming weekend for my birthday (30 -yikes!). So Curt gave me my birthday present early. Friday night he came home with a bouquet of roses and a sweet birthday card...full of money. My real gift from him though, was that he kept the kids all day Saturday so I could go shopping with my stash of cash and out to dinner with my dear friend Jessica. What more could a girl want?! I got so many great things including pants, tops, sweaters, shoes and jewelry. Awesome!

I was a little worried about how Chloe would do without me for that long. Up until Saturday I had never left her for more than about 45 minutes and I ended up being gone for about 8 hours. However, Curt proved once again what a great dad he is and everything went really well. When I got home that night Colby was playing happily and Chloe was curled up on the couch with Curt fast asleep. Of course I missed my babies, but the break was definitely needed and very much appreciated!

Now we are trying to get into the swing of a busy week. Today included a trip to the chiropractor, the grocery store and the post office. Tomorrow I am going to get my hair cut. Wednesday will include another trip to the chiro. Thursday will be spent packing and preparing for our weekend trip to Indiana. Friday will be spent driving, visiting my mom's office, visiting my grandma and going on a date with my hubby. Oh and did I mention that we are having a gospel meeting this week? So that means attending worship every night as well. I will be surprised if we are able to stand by the end of the week!

Hopefully I will get the new pics of the kids posted later (or tomorrow). No promises, but I will try. Okay I have to go sleep now.


NANA said...

I am so glad that you got a well deserved day to yourself.
I am really proud of my son for giving you the opportunity to do that.
He is a wonderful daddy!!
Have a really, really great Birthday. Be safe on your trip to Huntington.
Hugs and Kises to all!!!

Anonymous said...

I LOVED spending the day with you Saturday... SANS kids!! Chloe is sitting in my lap right now and we are wondering what your new cute cut is going to look like!!

Anonymous said...

Oh yeah...anytime you want to go to Olive Garden, I'll totally go with you. I was jealous. But good kind of jealous, if there is such kind.

Thalita Dol said...

What a great gift your husband gave you! :)