Sunday, August 15, 2010

Wildlife Prairie State Park

Last weekend we were looking for something fun to do as a family and decided to spend the day at a local state park. We love this park because there are many animals to see, kind of like a zoo, but they are in more of a natural habitat. There are long winding trails through the woods, a petting zoo area, playground areas and so much more. Even though the weather has been SO hot and humid, we had a great day!

Petting sheep:

My beautiful butterflies!

While Colby and Chloe played on the playground, Macy and I hung out in the shade. Here she is doing what she does best...drooling and blowing spit bubbles.

We finally decided it was time for lunch. However the food place was so crowded that people were having to wait an hour to order and get their food. So we did what any good parents would do and got ice cream instead.

Colby loved getting his picture taken in all of these kind of things.

Next up was the train ride! Here they are waiting (kind of) patiently for our turn to board.

Finally we stopped at some special activities they had going on that weekend. Inflatable fun, mini-golf and carnival games.

I'm glad we had the chance to go, possibly for the last time. Unfortunately due to lack of funding they will be closing the park. At least we got to enjoy it for a while!


Larissa Holland said...

looks like a good time was had by all. Love the pictures!

Kim W. said...

I hate that it is closing...and probably before we get to visit one final time :( Very cute pix, though..the butterflies and other 'stand-ins' must be new since we have been there. Your kiddos are growing so much, and adorable.