Thursday, February 10, 2011

My new baby...

No, I'm not pregnant. :) I have a new business! I'm sure most of you know, but a few may not. I have been working for a long time now on getting my photography business up and running. It is still in the baby stages, but it is now out there for the world. Yikes! I am so excited to start this part of my life (after a 7 year break).  So if you're interested, and you aren't completely tired of hearing about it, go check it out!

You can also find my business page on Facebook:

I have been working on this project to the neglect of this blog. I really miss the days of having regular posts here. I hope to get back to being a regular here soon!


Anonymous said...

I am so excited for you!! And a little jealous (jk) I wish I had the energy to start a business with 3 small children! I know you'll do great! And about the baby thing...when can we expect that news? :) It's your turn, you know!

Unknown said...

I loved looking through all the pictures. They look great! We'll be praying that things go well.

Unknown said...

I'm sending you the Stylish Blogger Award! Go check it out @

Thalita Dol said...

congratulations, Olivia!
your photos are as pretty as your babies! =)

whom, by the way, are so grown!!!!

many many hugs from Brazil!