Thursday, September 17, 2009

It's a GIRL!

We found out this morning that we are having another sweet precious baby GIRL! That makes me three for three. I have been right about the sex of three of my babes. I guess a mother's intuition is pretty strong! Colby has said from day one that he wanted this baby to be a girl, so he got his wish. We are all thrilled of course! This sweetheart is the craziest, most active baby I have ever seen...she flipped end over end at least three times during our short sonogram. The sono tech kept having to "chase" her around just to get the measurements she needed. Here I thought she was just a strong kicker, but it turns out that she is quite the gymnast! Next task...picking a name!


Anonymous said...

Grace was the same way. She was constantly moving! Toward the end of the pregnancy, it felt like she was trying to push her way right through my belly...and she was small! You may be in for some fun in the coming months :)

Stacy said...

Congratulations on girl #2! Now you can get extra use out of all those girl clothes, right? I know I had a ton more clothes for Anya than for Kailan. They are just sooo cute! :)

Larissa Holland said...

Aw! congratulations, sweet Olivia! another beautiful Craig girl! What a blessing. Now you can pass down all the fab things you made for Chloe!