Thursday, March 5, 2009

MonsterJam Mania (and update)

The first weekend in February monster trucks came to town. Nana and Poppy were able to come visit that weekend also. So Nana and Chloe hung out at home while the boys and I went to see MonsterJam. This was Colby's first time to see monster trucks in person (and mine) so he was understandably quite excited! (Despite the fact that he was coming down with pneumonia at point, we just didn't realize it.)

With this type of event you don't always know exactly which trucks will be there, so I was excited to see this guy show up.

I don't know anything about monster trucks or their drivers, but Colby only had one monster truck toy at home and it just happened to be that particular truck. We decided he needed to have one of the flags. He thought waving that flag was as much fun as watching the trucks.

Of course, no show or event of any kind would complete without popcorn!

Colby and Daddy discussing the action. You might notice we all were wearing earplugs. I don't know what we would have done without them! That many roaring engines in a dome is deafening! (As a side note, we don't know the bald guy. He just happened to be sitting on the other side of Colby so he is in most of our pictures. Poor guy!)

The show also included some motocross stunt performers. It's funny, I have seen them on TV a hundred times doing all kinds of crazy stuff, but to see it in person totally made my stomach jump! Scary!

Colby "helping" Poppy get his earplugs just right.

Colby and Mommy at our first monster truck show.

Now for a Chloe update:
I took her to the doctor on Monday and found that she had a sinus/ear infection. Not fun, but treatable with meds. Within 24 hours she was feeling much better. Now she just has a little clear runny nose which I think is from teething. We finally got her healthy and I realized she is cutting 4 top teeth all at once. Poor baby can't catch a break! However, I am happy to report that we are all currently healthy (knock on wood) and enjoying a few days of warmer weather. Now if we can just stay this way we will be all set!

Side note number two:
I know that some of my readers come here hoping for crafting and sewing. Well, I have several things that I have been working on in the last few weeks. Once I get caught up with my "life event" posting, I plan on doing a post solely dedicated to projects. So stick with me, I will deliver...eventually. :)


Thalita Dol said...

Hi there Olivia!!

I'm glad to hear you are all healthy now!!

Poor Chloe, 4 teeth at once?
Well, but I bet she will have an even prettier smile with those new teeth of hers! =)

Kisses from Brazil!!

Larissa Holland said...

not that I don't love reading about your family...:-) you amazing woman you. glad chloe is better! poor kid!

Unknown said...

knocking on wood for you here. glad everyone is doing better!
get those crafting items posted- the more inspiration coming this direction the better! ;)