Thursday, December 4, 2008


I swear I haven't fallen off the face of the earth. Neither have my crazy, yet too-cute-for-words, kids. It has just been a hectic onslaught of holiday. Our house was buried in snow, but now it is melting. I have been buried in decorating, crafting and laundry. The decorating is almost done. The crafting is in progress. The laundry is still looming over me like a mountain. Typical.

I will try really hard to get in a fabulous post about our turkey day and our upcoming holiday wonderfulness either tonight or tomorrow night. Okay, let's get real...there's no way it will be tonight. See you tomorrow night!


Stacy said...

Oh goodness, do I know how that is! I tackled my laundry mountain over the Thanksgiving break, but it is piling up AGAIN. *sigh* We can never catch a break!

Take time to enjoy the holidays - don't let it stress you out. :)

NANA said...

It sounds like you are actually accomplishing a lot. Can't wait to see new pictures of all of you.
Thanks for spending a very special time with us on Thanksgiving.
Looking forward to Christmas!!
Hugs and Kisses to All!!

Anonymous said...

You're ahead of me!! I'm not decorating or crafting, and I still haven't managed to post new pics. I have made some progress on the laundry, though. It was great being with you all last weekend. Can't wait for Christmas!!

Thalita Dol said...

Hey, I'm missing your pretty pictures and sweet posts! :)

Hope you had a wonderfull thanksgiving!

Kisses from Rio!